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Covid-19 – how your dog is a lifesaver

We are living in unprecedented times right now, thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, as you’ve probably heard 1000s of time by now. Times that are punctuated by question and lifestyle changes that we never could have predicted or even dreamt of. If you ask me, it’s like we are living in a terrible movie!

As community remains mainly shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are reeling from disrupted routines, financial pressures, and social isolation.

In many cases, our mental health is taking a thrashing because of it. We wanted to explore and share the role that our pets play in all of this. Do our pets affect our mental health, if so, how?

What we discovered was encouraging, to say the least. We found that when you’re feeling down, all it can take it petting your dog, to taking them for a walk to improve your mood and reduce anxiety. That’s not just us saying it. There’s actual scientific evidence to back it up.

Here are some ways that pets can have a positive impact on our mental health:

Dogs help us develop healthy habits

Social benefits of dogs

Physical health benefits of dogs

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