Dog Owners & Self-Isolation – How To Cope

We are living in new and testing times. The spread of the coronavirus (otherwise called COVID-19) has formed into a full pandemic and we are learning new expressions and ending up in new circumstances in our endeavors to help moderate the spread of the infection. Social separating and self-segregation are presently regularly utilized in the media and in our day by day lives, though around three or a month prior, you’d have been hard pushed to discover anybody that truly recognized what they implied!

These are absolutely troublesome occasions. We as a whole need organization in our lives and the capacity to get making the rounds. These straightforward joys are currently being truly tested, with by far most of us being urged to remain at home and evade all superfluous contact with others and pointless outings outside of the four dividers and nursery fence we call home.

All in all, imagine a scenario where you own a pooch or two. How does the present circumstance influence you and your pal(s)? What would we be able to do to cause the best of the additional time we to need to go through with our four-legged companions? Right now, precisely what we are going to take a gander at – tips and exhortation about what you can do with the goal that you and your canine amigo get the best out of these difficult occasions.

Dogs (and cats) are not affected by the virus

Initially, it’s critical to know that you can’t come down with the infection from pets and as indicated by the WHO, there is no proof that your pet pooch or feline can pass on the new coronavirus. Notwithstanding, be mindful while out strolling your pooch as there is some sign that mutts might have the option to convey it on their jacket thus move it starting with one family unit then onto the next, similarly as we can on our hands. Thusly it’s imperative to abstain from letting them blend with different proprietors and their canines, don’t permit different mutts bounce up on you and make sure to consistently utilize great cleanliness rehearses around creatures.

Improve the bond you share

Now is a better time than ever to impove the bond between you and your dog, play games with them, do some exercise and most importantly, have fun!

Toilet Training

Now you have all the time in the world, why not get that toilet training under control?

Sit & Stay

This is a neat and VERY useful trick, teach your dog to sit and stay, you can gradually walk further and further from your dog before calling them to you.

Recall Training

Recall training is one of the most importaint training exercisies you can do with your dog. We wrote a whole post about it. Take a look at our Recall training article.

Get inventive at meal times

Why not make your dog work for thier food, but make it fun at the same time? Here we discuss how you can use a KONG Classic to feed your dog, check it out!

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