Dogs help us develop healthy habits

As a dog owner, there are some obligations you really can’t ignore.Water bowls need to be refreshed, and energetic dogs demand to be walked. But all of these extra chores are a good thing, they help us build healthy habits that in turn lead to improved mental health. Some examples include:

  • Exercise: If you own a dog, you’re got an increased motivation to take more walks and hikes.
  • Time spent outside: You can’t deny the mood boost you feel when you catch a bit of sunlight and fresh air. Not to mention the added benefit of Vitamin D exposure, which helps us fight depression. Being surrounded by nature with your dog is an incredible way to soothe jittery nerves.
  • Self-care: When we take care of an animal, we’re reminded to take care of ourselves as well. Something that is necessary during this tense and mentally draining time.

The fact is, dogs aren’t mere mood boosters. They’re prcatically mental health rescuers!

Dogs don’t fret over the future, and they don’t concern themselves with the past. They exist entirely in the moment, enjoying whatever is immediately in front of them. Perhaps it’s about time we take our cue from our furry four legged friends and celebrate all the ways they enrich our lives and keep us mentally well.

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