How to occupy your dogs mind
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How to occupy your dogs mind

How can you occupy a dogs mind?

There are many ways you can occupy a dogs mind, such as playing games with them, scatter feeding, using snuffle mats or licky mats, hiding treats, using a toy to hide treats in. We go into more detail below:

What is scatter feeding?

Scatter feeding is where you feed your dog their dry food ‘out of the bowl’ a great place to do this is on the grass in your garden. Basically how their usual feed over the grass, then let them out to find and eat it. we have written a short article on scatter feeding if you would like more detailed information.

What is a snuffle mat?

A snuffle mat is basically a matt with long and thick pieces of material, you can put your dogs dry kibble or treats in between the pieces of material, your dog will sniff around and gradually get out the food/treats. We wrote a short article about snuffle mats if you would like to know more.

What is a licky mat?

A licky mat is basically a plastic mat with shapes/ridges in, you can put soft dog food on it or cooked mashed veggies, your dog will then spend time licking it clean again. We wrote a short article about licky mats if you would like to know more.

Using a toy?

There are many toys and treats you can use to keep your dog amused, we wrote an article titled What do I do with a KONG Classic, a Kong Classic is one of the best toys you can use to keep your dog amused.

You may find some of these useful if your dog is zooming around the house and you would like them to chill out for a little bit.

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