How to use a licky mat

How to use a licky mat

What is a Licky Mat?

licky mat is basically a plastic mat with shapes/ridges in, you can put soft dog food on it or cooked mashed veggies, your dog will then spend time licking it clean again. 

What are Licky Mats used for?

A Licky Mats is a way to promote calm behaviour while your dog is home alone or during stressful events, such as storms. They can also be used to entertain your dog while you are doing something at home.

How do you clean a Licky Mat?

The simplest way is usually the easiest and in this case, that is definitely so. Simply pop the mat in the sink with warm water and some washing up liquid. Allow it to soak for a while, then give it a scrub with a brush or sponge to remove anything thats left.

What can I put on a Licky Mat?

Peanut butter
Cream cheese
Sweet potato
Natural yoghurt
Fresh cooked vegetables
Meat pattes (100% meat)
Wet dog feed

A Licky mat is also a great way to occupy your dogs mind

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