What Dietary Fats Do Dogs Need
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What Dietary Fats Do Dogs Need?

Dietary fat continues to be one of the most confusing and misunderstood topics in canine pet nutrition. When people try to make their own prey model diet, it is commonly too high in protein in relation to the amount of fat, Unfortunately for the misinformed pet owner, the cost in health terms can be very high.

In The Wild

A Wolves’ diet varies by location, season, and other factors. As carnivores, they tend to eat large and small animals depending on availability. One thing all of these animals have in common is skin, including a layer called subcutaneous tissue. this is basically a layer of fat with various functions that include regulating body temperature and padding muscles and bones from injury.

As you can guess, when wolves eat as much of the animal as possible, including the skin, the fat content of the meat they’re eating is drastically raised. Given how your dog’s body works, this is a very good thing!

Let’s Talk Macronutrients

Domestic dogs don’t have a biological need for carbohydrates; they use protein to rebuild muscle and use fat that’s used for energy. As a built-in safety mechanism, your dog’s body likes to store energy when possible.

When a diet is deficient in fat but contains carbohydrates, the body will store carbohydrates for energy instead. To get the same energy result, your dog needs to store twice the amount of carbohydrates, in terms of weight, as he does fats.

Contrary to popular belief, fat does not make your dog fat. The recent rise in canine obesity has everything to do with the rise in carbohydrate-rich plant ingredients in modern pet foods and not the fat content.

In this situation, the body is forced to use protein for the dogs energy, which has the adverse side effect of creating extra nitrogen to be filtered by the kidneys, which is very taxing on them!

There have been enough homemade diets deficient in fat and carbohydrates to create a misinformed view that raw diets create an extra burden for the kidneys.

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