Why are Dogs Good for Health?
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Why are Dogs Good for Health?

Why are Dogs Good for Health?

According to several pieces of research, dogs are arguably the most faithful animals living on the face of the earth. That kind of explains why the majority of people love and adore dogs. 

The importance of having this four-legged animal beside you may often be neglected, but let me inform you: having a dog as your pet has several direct and indirect positive effects on your health. 

Here are a few reasons why dogs are good for your health:

Do dogs keep you physically active?

According to several scientific pieces of research, people of older ages are more likely to hit their physical activity goals needed to stay healthy, if they have a dog as their pet. Staying idle serves to produce several health concerns for people above 60. Having a dog motivates them to take it on a walk regularly, fulfilling their weekly physical activity needs. 

Moreover, elders who take their dogs out for a walk experience a lower body mass index, have to visit their doctor less often, face lesser daily activity limitations, and have the chance to go through more frequent moderate and vigorous exercises.

Do dogs improve your heart health?

Dogs aren’t only responsible for a happier heart, they make it healthy as well. Studies show that having this companion by your side results in lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and decreased triglyceride levels. In simpler words, they are responsible for a healthy heart which is less prone to numerous heart problems including heart attacks. 

That being said, people with pet dogs live longer and healthier life due to fewer cardiovascular problems.

Do dogs help you lose weight?

When you have a dog by your side, it’s essential to take it out for a walk at least a few times per week. Dog owners consider that to be an inevitable responsibility. 

Taking it out daily exposes you to the moderate exercise of 10, 20, or even 30 minutes per day. That’s just the right number to lose the extra pounds you have on you and maintain an ideal physique. According to a survey conducted in 2010, people who take their dog out for a walk five times per week lose an average of 14.4 pounds per year.

Do dogs improve my mental health?

Yes! A happier mind is a healthy one. Having a four-legged companion makes people happier by eliminating the feeling of being alone and having someone faithful to boost your mood.

Do dogs improve my physical health?

Absolutely! As mentioned earlier, having a pet dog motivates you to perform moderate, and sometimes vigorous, physical activities — improving your health in the long run.

Do dogs improve my social health?

Yes. As people grow older, they find it increasingly difficult to go out and socialize. But meeting people is essential to have a healthy social life. A dog lets you do just that by motivating you to go out on a walk and see new people regularly.
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