Why dogs chase their tails?
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Why do dogs chase their tails?

Dogs are arguably man’s best non-human friends. They provide us with precious smiles and waves of laughter in even the toughest of circumstances. 

There are tons of benefits of having this four-legged friend by your side. These animals are known to be the most faithful creates on the planet. Besides all the playful activities a dog could do, there’s one particular activity that may bring a smile on even the faces of the most serious people. Indeed, it’s the tail-chasing game that your dog might play every once in a while. 

Dogs chase their tails for numerous reasons. The behavior is most common in smaller puppies who would do it without even knowing their tail is a part of their body. But why do dogs do it? What are the possible reasons? Let me get you informed. 


One of the possible reasons for a dog to chase its tail is boredom. Your dog might start doing so if it doesn’t get enough physical activity throughout the day. Moreover, the lack of brain games and mental stimulation may also result in the same. 

Tail-chasing isn’t potentially harmful or “bad” for your dog, as long it’s not addictive. If you believe your dog is chasing its tail more often than it should, or this behavior is causing tail injuries, it’s advisable to seek professional help. 

Taking your dog out for daily walks and playing games with them regularly are the best ways to fight unreasonable tail-chasing behaviors. But if your dog doesn’t chase its tail addictively, the behavior is completely fine and worth-enjoying. 

Childish playfulness

Why do children love to put in their mouths everything they could find? That’s a mystery for good. The same explanation goes for younger puppies who just want to explore the world and everything in it, with their mouths. 

Puppies usually grow out of this behavior as they learn that their tail is a part of their body, and biting it is going to be painful. However, mature dogs might also chase their tails due to the other reasons mentioned in the article. 

Attention seeking

If you ever started noticing, smiling, and interacting with your dog when it began chasing its tail, it may remember your behavior. A dog will remember that it can win your attention and make you play with it by just showing some tail-chasing moves. When it learns that, it might start doing it regularly, just to grab your attention and make you spend time with it. 

Worms or fleas

Let’s face it. Sometimes, there might be a serious problem if your dog chases its tail for too long. There’s a chance that it’s being bothered by some worms or fleas having a nest on its tail. They might reproduce and grow in number, and might also spread to other parts of the body and cause worse problems. So, in case you find your dog chasing its tail abnormally, be sure to pay a visit to a vet and see if there’s something wrong. 

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