Hоw To Pоttу Trаіn Yоur Puрру Using Crаtе Trаіnіng

Why do dogs need routine?

Every human being requires a good routine in order to lead a healthy life and to work efficiently. The same is the case with dogs. In fact, it’s even more important for them.

A dog is a man’s best friend and a very faithful companion that stays with you until its death. Dogs are creatures of habit, studies show how our dogs have a remarkable understanding of time of day and even time of the week. Thus, it is very important for them to lead a healthy lifestyle and be emotionally stable.

Here are some reasons why dogs need routine:

Mental Health

Studies show that randomness can cause dogs to gain stress and anxiety. If the dog knows it has a specific time for doing an activity such as eating, sleeping, relieving himself, and going for a walk, life will be much easier for it. The dog will not be in the fear of finding food for itself from somewhere outside because it would know that its caretaker would provide it with food on time.

Thus it would enjoy its time with its owner and would be happy because it would feel taken care of. If we do not create a routine for our dogs and make their days unpredictable, it can cause anxiety in our pets.

Weight Gain

Keeping food in front of your dog for the entire day can cause your pet to overeat and gradually gain weight, which can strain the dog’s joints. Strained joints can cause the dog immense pain and lead to arthritis. Obesity for dogs creates the same problems as it does for overweight people such as heart diseases or diabetes.

The good news is, starting a scheduled feeding time can prevent dogs from eating more than their body requirements and help them maintain a healthy weight.


If we take our dogs to walk regularly at specific times such as first thing in the morning or just after their feeding time or before getting in bed, it can make them learn how to control their ‘private businesses’ until their scheduled time. 

This routine makes the dog feel relieved because it would know that this outdoor time would take place at a time of the day. Without this scheduled time for a potty break routine, the dog loses the capability to foresee when it might be able to relieve his business and is more likely to do it involuntarily anywhere or anytime when it needs to fulfill that urge. 

Rules and Commands

To communicate with our dog, we need to teach it basic instructions such as ‘Wait’ and ‘Come’ or some advanced ones such as ‘Place, bed or crate’, scheduled teaching routines will help with this too.

According to a Canine psychotherapist, if we make dogs think and remember things around the same time, they will have learned new tricks and commands in no time and more efficiently too.

Whenever your dog accomplishes the task, always provide it with a tasty treat at the end. This would make it indulge in this activity often and wouldn’t bore the pet by practicing it daily at the same time.

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