Why do dogs wee on the bed

Why do dogs wee on the bed?

Though a dog is considered a man’s best friend, sometimes they are misbehaving. While the rest of their mischief is tolerable, the owner’s patience runs out when their pet, irrespective of age or breed, urinates on their bed. This behavior is not unknown to dog owners as most dogs are found guilty — but the crucial question that arises is why do they wee on the owner’s bed. 

They find comfort in the owner’s decent 

Dogs usually have a habit of hiding their scent. We often find them rolling in mud puddles and stools of other animals. Since they adore their owner’s scent, they are also found responsible for stealing their owner’s clothes and garments, for example, shoes and underwear. Hence, the most common reason they pee in their owner’s bed is to hide their scent in their owner’s aroma. 

Overly sensitive 

Dogs are naturally sensitive. When scolded, instead of reacting to it with aggressive measures, they feel guilty and disappointed. This guilt and disappointment make them feel vulnerable, and they ultimately end up peeing in their owner’s bed. 

Because of nervousness or excitement 

As these friendly beings are often extremely delicate, they have trouble controlling their emotions. Dogs often are triggered by inconvenience or can become overjoyed over trivial matters. Containing these emotions is beyond a dog’s capacity to control. Sometimes, in extremely nervous situations, instead of reacting to it properly, dogs end up peeing in the bed of their companion. Similarly, when the pet’s excrement is impossible to stifle or subdue, it takes a leak. 

Medical reasons 

Diseases like cholesterol and diabetes are not uncommon in pets. Some dogs diagnosed with diabetes have a hard time managing their bladder. Due to high blood sugar levels, dogs often end up peeing wherever they are during the moment of taking a tinkle. Thus, if they are sitting on the owner’s bed or even near it, they end up piddling on it because of not being able to hold their urine in. 

Mandatory precautions and safety measures

No one prefers to go to bed just to find out the deed that has been done on it, especially when they are exhausted and prepared to take a nap. To ensure the behavior of their dogs, owners must:

  • Not make a habit of allowing their dogs on their bed. This way, the pet understands the bed is off-limits. 
  • House-train puppies and dogs as most dogs in their adolescence are caught in the act due to not being properly trained.
  • Keep a regular check on the wellbeing of their dog and if diagnosed with diabetes, keep their blood sugar level in check.
  • Regular visits to the vet to keep the pooch clean and healthy.
  • Consult an animal behaviorist if the dog does not abstain from a non-serious behavior to help get rid of its unwanted habits.
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