Why don’t dogs like fireworks?
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Why don’t dogs like fireworks?

Fireworks are one of the most commonly used products used for celebrating several occasions around the globe. The glamor of events like New Year, Independence Day, Diwali, and many others, doesn’t live up to its mark without fireworks. 

It’s hard to find a human being who doesn’t enjoy fireworks, but when it comes to human’s best friends, i.e., dogs, the case is very different. According to several pieces of research, the majority of dogs don’t enjoy fireworks. To be honest, they hate fireworks. 

There have been endless occasions where dogs got utterly upset, frightened, and even got ill due to fireworks. Most of these occasions happen on events where fireworks are broadly used. But what’s the reason for such behavior of dogs when exposed to fireworks? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Dogs don’t like loud sounds. 

Dogs’ hearing senses are more sensitive than human beings as their ears can receive and process a wider range of sound frequencies. What sounds pleasant and fun to human beings, may not sound so good to dogs. 

Crackling and bursting sounds coming out of fireworks may be perceived as very uncomfortable, and even painful in some cases, by dogs. In events where fireworks are extensively used, the plethora of crackling sounds all around makes dogs super-uncomfortable and frightened. 

Fireworks depict a threat. 

When dogs sense a threat, their fight-or-flight response is triggered. Due to dozens of unexpected bursting sounds coming from all around during special events, dogs feel threatened and their FOF response is stimulated. Some dogs bark at the noise. Some of them run away and try to hide. If they decide to run away, they might get hurt while rushing towards safety at a rapid pace. 

How can I calm my dog down during fireworks?

As you’re well aware by now, dogs would love to stay away from firework-y events. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your dog not suffer from the issues resulting from fireworks. 

Keep it indoors: One of the simplest ways to protect your dog from getting hurt during fireworks: don’t take it outdoors. If you still want it to enjoy the rest of the event, keep it outdoors until fireworks are about to go off. 

Create a safety room: If your residence is too close to where fireworks are going off, you want to prepare a safehouse kind-of room for your pup. It can be a small room like your kitchen or bathroom, littered with calming music to deflect the loud noises of fireworks. Moreover, you can also bring your dog’s toys into the safe room to help it keep itself busy and directed.

Can fireworks scare dogs to death?

Fireworks could cause several health concerns to dogs due to the panic caused by them. However, there’s no evidence that fireworks can scare a dog enough to cause death.

It’s important to note that fireworks could still trigger the existing health conditions of a dog, which can potentially cause death. For example, if a dog is suffering from heart problems, fireworks could trigger its health condition which could result in a serious problem. It’s very advisable to keep unhealthy dogs in a special safe environment during noisy events.
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